What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?


     Direct Primary Care is a model that cares for patients in a family practice setting but does not bill or accept insurance. The fee is usually a contracted monthly, quarterly or annual amount that covers office visits, lab testing, consulting, care coordination (referrals), and comprehensive care management.


     This type of model is ideal for many people and different stages of life. It can be used by college students, contract workers on short term assignment, the uninsured, or underinsured.


     Office visits can last up to 30-60 minutes or longer as needed. The ability for tele-health via email or video visits and options for secure communication portal with quick and direct access to your healthcare provider. House-calls by the doctor is back, when needed the IH4W team can make home visits. DPC provides comprehensive health care without the surprise bills or charges.

What is Integrity Health for Wellness DPC membership like?

Cost: $60/month: ($720/year)

Includes annual physical

Focus on disease prevention

Diet and nutrition evaluation, planning and support

Same day or next day visit promise

Unlimited virtual (video, text, phone visits)

House call options

Almost 24 hour provider access

Labs and some medications included

IH4W Provider panel size limit of 300-600 patients (guarantees personal attention)

 Can I get care at Integrity Health for Wellness if I don’t join the DPC?


     IH4W has reasonable self pay out of pocket options that are less expensive than traditional insurance and  the local urgent care. But, our membership DPC is by far the star of the show based price and value.

What about Insurance?

     "Direct Primary care patients should carry health insurance for protection against big expenses from unpredictable major medical events, like surgeries, cancer, car accidents, etc. But not for the ~80% of annual healthcare needs covered by primary and preventative care.

     Many DPC providers recommend pairing a DPC membership with a high-deductible health plan or a medical cost sharing product, like those offered by Sedera and Zion.

Disruptors to the insurance market, like Decent, offer high-quality insurance that is designed to pair with a DPC membership. More Information like this about DPC can be found by visiting the links below"



Direct Primary Care vs. Traditional Primary Care

IH4W DPC: We hope to help patients see the value of illness prevention or early disease identification!

     My reason for choosing DPC- "The personal relationship with my patient's that DPC creates allows me to make informed recommendations for treatment plans and advocacy. For the uninsured that are usually "healthy" with 2-3 random urgent care visits a year that equal the cost of IH4W membership DPC. The benefit of the preventive health, included lab work, annual physical exam, nutrition and wellness program and a practitioner looking out for you is priceless in comparison.

IH4W DPC: Small patient panel sizes! The average DPC provider panel is 600 or less!

"Primary care faces a dilemma. On the one hand, the average primary care physician’s panel size is too large for delivering consistently high quality care under the traditional practice model. Estimates suggest that a primary care physician would spend 21.7 hours per day to provide all recommended acute, chronic, and preventive care for a panel of 2,500 patients. The average US panel size is about 2,300." (https://www.annfammed.org/content/10/5/396)

IH4W DPC: The monthly DPC membership fee is only $60/pp. The annual DPC membership is only $720/pp.

Insurance Costs:

     The monthly payment that you make to your health insurance company to stay enrolled in your individual health insurance plan, is called a premium. The average cost of individual health insurance MONTHLY premiums is $440 for an individual and &1,168 for a family."


Urgent Care Costs:

     A survey of 91 clinics found that the average cost of an urgent care visit without insurance ranges from $80-280 for a level I visit and $140-440 for a level 2 visit."