Assisted Living

What is Integrity Health for Wellness (IH4W) Eldercare Services?


     The eldercare service of Integrity Health for Wellness is dedicated to providing quality care to seniors. Home is where the heart is. For some that means staying in their home as long as possible, for others it means moving in with the family of children and grandchildren.

To support seniors who wish to remain in their homes:

      IH4W conducts personalized in home safety risk assessments with a focus of successful aging in place.


Identifying observed physical, mental, and potential structural concerns that can cause harm or impeded living your best live at any age in any place.

     These assessments take place in the home setting and usually last an hour, the result is personalized report and risk assessment detailing the physical and medications risks and recommendations to prevent injury and make daily activities in the home setting safer.



We provide you with an action plan for health and safety to share with family, in home support care givers and the your healthcare treatment team.


     Each quarter we offer up to $1000 of free in-home risk assessments to seniors in need identified through email requests and our affiliate organizations.